How To Enable LED Notification On Android Without LED And Rooting

First of all if you are not aware of the thing LED notification, then here is the short description of the feature that everyone loves on mobile phone. The LED Notifications are the best way of discovering whether your smartphone has any new info or alert to tell you, without needing to start the device or switch the screen. This helps a lot save battery, and also is the easiest way to get aware of the new notification.

However, the Android phone does not always come along with a dedicated LED settings and even if you find one, it will require rooting to access and control the lightning. So, a developer has created an Android app that will make use of the existing Android led enabled features and turn them into a complete LED notification system.

The app is called LEDBlinker and is a free app in Google Play Store that will add the feature you will find on almost all the powerful Android handsets including Droid DNA. The app is smartly build as it provides a colored LED simulation on the display, and a panel that you can use to customize the color for different alerts from distinctive apps. Now, the number of app that you can add to the LED notification is increasing everyday and will soon cover all the apps and games that sends notifications and alerts.

The LEDBlinker settings options allows users to have up to eight different colors to play with and attach with a specific app. Signals can be shown for occasions like missed calls and text messages, emails, Facebook and WhatsApp, and a more. You will also get warning alert once the battery goes below certain level. Even, if your Android phone comes with stock LED notification, you may also override the default LED favoring LEDBlinker.

You can use the link below to download the free app and for $1.29 you can even have the more features packed pro version.

Click here to download via Google Play Store.


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