Samsung Galaxy S3 Biggest Virus Attack: How To Prevent And Check Vulnerability

The most popular Android phone is also prone to most dangerous of Android viruses called USSD that is designed to create problems only on phones running Samsung’s TouchWiz. The virus is so powerful that it caused some Galaxy phones to factory reset on their own upon going to a vicious website. The reports published by a security company confirms that the Android virus affect Galaxy S3 and S2, mostly. Users running the latest Android build are the most vulnerable as there’s no patched update available yet.

If you don’t already have the solution and interested to know whether or not your Samsung Galaxy S3 is at risk, simply load the following page on your Samsung Galaxy phone’s stock browser.

Within this page opened on your Galaxy S3, just click the button in the inlaid region beneath to determine if your Samsung phone is vulnerable. The test operates by seeking to direct you to a harmless USSD code, mainly, the one which exhibits your phone’s IMEI or MEID on CDMA handsets on your screen. In case you are using a Samsung phone, and a window appears displaying your IMEI/MEID number, you are definitely at risk. On the other hand, if your dialer merely pops-up displaying either nothing, or *#06#, then your Galaxy handset is safe from this Android virus.

If the test is positive and your handset at risk, then better updates your Galaxy S3 firmware to the latest version. However, if your phone’s most recent updated version remains infected, we advise running a third-party dialer like Dialer One available in the Google Play store, and using it as the default dialer.


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