iPhone 5S Design And Unveiling: Apple Nervously Shrinking Release Gap

iPhone 5 has not yet arrived fully as millions are still waiting for Foxconn to speed up the process. Despite the manufacturers inability to handle the iPhone 5 demand, Apple is already preparing for iPhone 5S launch date.

The latest round of rumors coming from various reliable sources suggests that the iPhone 5S could be launching in the early summer of 2013. The report originates the DigiTimes, which points out some unnamed sources in proclaiming that a number of Apple vendors are expecting solid first quarter activities.

However, Apple is going to divide the production amid two different production lines, which will obviously bolster the production of the handsets. and tablets. One of the top market experts thinks that Apple is not only going to release iPhone 5S early, but the company will come out with better iPad Mini in the same time period.

iPhone 5S┬ádesign is most likely not going to change much as buyers are more than happy with the Aluminum based body and taller screen. However, Apple will change the anodized back plate as it is prone to scratches and scuffs. Looking at previous Apple’s policy you cannot expect much modification in the overall design of the iPhone 5S.


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