iPhone 5 Clip-On Camera Lens: Adds Wide-Angle Lens And Fish Eye With Ease

iPhone 5 with most sensitive of camera sensor capable of capturing quality images even in poor light scenarios has just received an extra 3-in-1 lens accessory. The iPhone 5 camera lens called olloclip clips on without any effort and provides three distinct camera lens:

1. fisheye lens: Capable of capturing photos with a 180 degree field of view
2. wide-angle lens: increases the iPhone’s typical field of view
3. Macro lens: Turns iPhone 5 into microscope as it can capture details up to 10x macro magnification.

The fisheye lens of olloclip is also made to handle Apple’s Panorama camera option, which was announced with iOS 6. Together with Panorama 360 Plus, the olloclip lens has the ability to record a 360 degree picture along with a wider and taller field of view.

The best thing you will notice with this powerful iPhone 5 camera accessory is its ability to get attached with the iPhone 5 body. All you need is simply cinch olloclip lens on to the upper right corner directly over the camera, and you will be in position to quickly access different lenses according to the requirements.

The manufacturer of olloclip is also offering the accessory in three different colors: white, black and red. You can use the link given at the end of this post and buy the lens directly from the official webpage for only $69.99.

via olloclip


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