Droid DNA Confirmed ROM Friendly: Unlocked Bootloader

Droid DNA has already surpassed iPhone 5 in interest shown by new customer’s hunting for the best Android phone this season. Now, another good news has arrived from latest Verizon’s Droid brand.

The HTC DROID DNA is custom ROM friendly as the bootloader could very well be unlocked via HTCDev, allowing owners to access level that most of Verizon’s smartphones does not offer. The phone stays with S-ON after getting it unlocked via HTCDev, but to my information most HTC phones remain in such a state using this tool.

The handset in the image above is definitely more than likely a retail model. Unless the company decides to modify the option by updating firmware and blocking HTCDev from performing the unlocking, you can use the tool to get it unlocked.

Theoretically, with the Droid DNA having S-ON, custom ROMs can still be flashed, you simply need to flash a boot.img file prior to doing the hard work. To illustrate, my HTC One X is unlocked and has S-ON, yet I was able to flash a variety of items. To be able to flash kernels you must do it via fastboot.

To be able to unlock, experts have revealed that you must use HTCDev’s unlock guidelines after selecting the “All other supported models” option from the handset selection pulldown.

Hopefully, HTC has realized the potential behind releasing unlocked handset, and will keep the same on the Droid DNA coming to the markets within few days.

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