Best iOS Jailbreak App To Make Calling And Receiving More Intuitive

The top jailbreak app that really adds the practical and powerful features to the existing iOS offering has recently been updated and bring support for owners of iPhone running iOS 6. The Cydia app called CallBar helps make inbound and outbound calls on iPhone more intuitive. The updated CallBar on Cydia brings not just newer benefits, but it also adds iOS 6 support, signifying the app now will run on all the iPhones running iOS 4 to the latest firmware update.

The CallBar 1.1 now combines with iOS 6’s message reply aspect, which lets you pick a preset sms to send to a caller whom you reject the call of. This top Cydia app also helps iOS 5 running folks to have to the message reply feature exclusive to iOS 6. To use these options simply tap over the icon on the left of the CallBar banner. Individuals should be able to use standard message replies, or set their unique replies from the Settings.

You can also use CallBar for outbound calls by utilizing Siri, Activator, or Bluetooth headsets. As soon as you start CallBar for an outgoing call, you may start the keypad to manually dial a number, additionally, you can search through your recent phone callers, contacts, favorites, and others. A user can start and get both phone calls, and FaceTime calls from using CallBar. However, developer is promising to integrate Vibe and Skype soon.

Using this one of the best Cydia app you can tap the banner to reply to a call, along with swiping right on the banner. However, if you want to reject an incoming call, simply swipe left on the banner, and it will drop the call. The Callbar settings option is loaded with all the things you can alter and modify making it a complete calling tool for any iPhone owner.

The CallBar on Cydia will cost you $3.99 and is available via BigBoss repo.


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