Top 10 Windows 8 Apps You Must Have on Microsoft Surface Tablet

Microsoft Surface has already started arriving on the doorsteps and the first thing we all love to do is get the best apps and games from the official Windows 8 store. The following is the list of top Windows 8 apps and games.

1. Metro Commander: This top Windows 8 app offers a parallel-pane interface to manage files and folders, delivers single handed access to all the standard root options like Copy, View, Rename, New File, New Folder and more. Despite default Windows 8 Explorer powerful feature, Metro Commander offers additional and inbuilt SkyDrive support.


2. IM+: If you love Facebook and expect to find an official app for that, then you are going to get disappointed. However, with IM+ you can see your likes and updates on News Feed and comment. FlipToast also includes support for LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram.

3. Skype: The must have video chatting application that is present of almost all the operating system, and despite the missing dedicated Skype app you can still enjoy the service with IM+, which will come with service for Facebook, Yahoo! Messenger, Google Chat, AIM, Skype and others. The IM+ is the only app you will need to handle all your profiles on contacts from the Microsoft Surface.

4. Riversi Free: The top Microsoft Surface game for gamers addicted to strategy gaming. The game offer easy to try, nonetheless, has adequate capacity to make you stay busy for a long time. The game offers three challenging levels, and if you think you are too smart for the computer then select to play a human as your rival.

5. Multimedia 8: The Microsoft Surface tablet does not include the very powerful Windows Media Centre app, and therefore, you will have to get an alternative manually. The best Windows 8 Windows Media Player substitute app is Multimedia 8 as it allows you to surf your personal music, video and playlists, just by clicking or tapping. The app includes video support for 3D content, convert videos to MP4 or WMV, video stabilization, DLNA media streaming, subtitle support, video and audio capture, plus more.

6. Norton Satellite: The top Windows 8 antivirus app for you Microsoft Surface available for free, and helps scan your Facebook links and Dropbox files. The service will protect you by alerting for threats in advance of getting infected with Windows 8 virus. The Norton Satellite can scan for virus and trojan on particular files or folders. However, this is no substitute for a full-fledged anitivirus software as it does not provide any real-time antivirus protection. The app is just an easy to use application that adds an entry level extra layer of security.

7. Dredd vs Zombies: The game has already created fans on iOS and Android, and, now on Windows 8 tablet you can enjoy all the gameplay utilizing the touchscreen controls. You will love this Zombie killing action game on your new Microsoft Surface tablet.

8. OneNote MX: This is the best in easy apps for note taking on Windows 8 powered Surface tablet from Microsoft. You can create documents from pictures, hand-written or typed text notes, photos, sketches, audio recordings plus more. The power to label things on the document gives a bit of mobility. Simply use “To Do” labels, and your items will acquire checkboxes that you could just click after getting completed.

9. Daily Wallpapers: If you are not happy with Windows 8 stock wallpapers on the lockscreen, then this is the best wallpaper app that can personalize tablet with graphics located in local folders, Facebook, SkyDrive, or from the images, you just captured using the camera on Surface.

10 News Bento: Windows 8 RSS readers apps for users interested in Pulse like interface, which allows you to select from the most proven information sites.

There are still many more Windows 8 apps you must have on your Microsoft Surface like Hulu Plus and Netflix, but we have decided to compile media streaming apps separately. You can also share your own list of the best apps for Microsoft Surface by commenting in the space provided below.


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