Hack Any iPhone And Monitor email, SMS Without Jailbreaking

In the recent months and year Apple has improved a lot on its iOS security feature in a bid to attract corporate and the military. If MIT is to be believed, the iOS is the best mobile OS considering the level of security layers imposed to make it the toughest to crack.

However, you can now hack any iPhone using the tool developed by a briton based Gamma Group. This powerful iPhone spyware was recently uncovered, and Bloomberg has published a full report on the working of the dangers involved.

The Spyware is called FinFisher and is powerful enough to take control of any iPhone allowing hackers to monitor all the activity performed on the handset, including monitoring the SMS, email, activating mic remotely, and many more. The FinFisher is designed to hack various mobile platforms, including iOS and RIM.

So, once the spyware is installed on your iPhone it will allow a hacker to turn on iPhone’s microphone, use GPS data to track your location, and keep an eye on e-mails, SMS and incoming and outgoing calls. One of the team members behind the research conducted to find the hidden code has confirmed that there are unaware iPhone owners currently moving around with FinFisher installed on their handset.

How FinFisher Works?

This powerful iOS trojan infects iPhones by tricking a user to click on a link that automatically download the virus, which can be masked as something important like installing an update or anything other than a virus. The group behind this iOS virus boasts that this procedure is usually as basic as sending the victim a link that appears like its from the Apple, showing message like “click link to update.“

However, the Gamma group is selling this trojan to Government agencies only and is meant for law enforcement uses only. But, if the virus exists, then it will not take long before someone from the military will ultimately sell it to the bad guys and allowing hackers to bring your private life to the public.

Apple has not yet commented on the new virus, but Microsoft has issued a statement that its latest Windows Phone OS blocks the spyware successfully, but older versions of Windows Mobile are still under threat.

How to protect your iPhone from FinFisher?

Well, like any other viruses and trojan this one also relies on links, and the best way to avoid such trojans is to double check before clicking on any link directly from your iPhone 5.



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