Samsung Galaxy S3 Rooted Successfully: XDA Scores Yet Again

Already providing 40 percent of all Android phones, Samsung has confirmed that pre-orders for the Galaxy S3 have crossed the 9 million mark. The GS3 is coming this May 29th on more than hundred various mobile carriers around the world, and the manufacturer is trying its best to meet demand. Currently, Samsung is producing almost 5 million GS3 every month.

On the developer side, the story is more exciting as XDA member Chainfire has surprisingly rooted the Samsung Galaxy S3. The Android phone has yet to hit the market, and the news of rooting SG3 is really great for buyers planning to own a restriction-free Android handset. Currently, the hacker is keeping the rooted kernel to himself citing blowing his identity, so you can wait until the handset arrives on your doorstep.

Definitely, this root method works on the international version of Galaxy S3 as the U.S. versions is not yet unveiled.

The following is the excerpt taken from the hacker’s page.

Recovery: The recovery partition may also be utilized on this occasion. And therefore, we are able to expensive recoveries individually in the kernel.

Kernel: The alteration was trivial, because this time around, Samsung is applying the conventional boot.img file format, rather than the zImage file format employed for GS1, GS2, GNote, etc., that’s more difficult to repackage.

via XDA


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