Nokia 900 Is The Best Smartphone For Phone Breakers: Video Of Hammering And Nailing Test

You might have seen videos of smartphones being put to tough tests, including, scratching and smashing it against hard surface, but Nokia Lumia 900 is the first phone to go through a hammer test with grace. Company has proudly demonstrated the Lumia 900 hammer and nail test, which should not be replicated on users end as it might harm both you as well as the phone.

Nokia’s Chris Ruble and Mike Meyers made use of a Lumia 710 for the test run before shooting the hammering of the Nokia 900. As you will notice in the video below the phone is attacked with the hammer with no scratch or crack. As the glass in question is toughened, you may expect that other phones with similar glass will also survive the treatment. However, put the polycarbonate plastic side of the phone to the hammer and expect the expected.

The following is the video demonstrating the whole Nokia 900 test proving it to be the best smartphone for people who are in habit of breaking phones.

via WMPower


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