Latest iPod Nano Concept: An Extended, Smarter iPod Nano Touch

Earlier, many times we have posted different new concepts of iPhone 5. It’s mainly iPhones and iPads only, which always stay in hot news, and iPod Touch and iPod Nano are given less attention. Enrico Penello must have realized this, thus he came up with a latest concept of iPod Nano, which shows a larger, smarter and extended music player. This new concept is named as the iPod Nano Touch, which means it is an idea for combining the iPod Nano with iPod Touch. As you can see in the above images, the devices seem like it is a half part of the iPhone. Isn’t it?

Here is what Enrico says about hisĀ iPod Nano Touch:

this concept shows a bigger clip on the back side, a lower black part containing the WiFi antenna, central home button, side volume buttons and on/off top button, making this device really close to our everyday iPhone.

The New iPod Nano Touch features Wi-Fi, front facing camera to support FaceTime calls, weather status, Nike+ implementation, and even some top apps of iPod touch, including clock, music and images. However, I wonder, if the concept is taken into action with the same features, then how strange, it will be to experience video calling over this narrow screen.

When it comes to its design, it shows a bigger clip at its back, volume buttons on one side, home button, on/off button at its head, ang charging dock at the bottom. The chances that Apple will combine its music player are very much. The reason behind this is that now, consumers prefer to purchase a combine device rather than the only music player, so Apple may decide to cut its product line, which includes only individual music players, and can offer combined products.


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