Google Assistant: iOS Siri Competitor Without Restrictions

Google has finally unveiled the iOS Siri like competitor with an intuitive name Google Assistant, which as the name suggests will serve you with much more than offering search results. Earlier, the project was running under the codename “Majel,” and now the search giant has selected the name, that will make its use clear to the Android owners.

The project was headed by search engineer Amit Singhal in an attempt to turn knowledge into a format that a computer can understand. The Google Assistant will not only help you with real-life goals, but also help your personalize the experience by using services like Google+ and +1.

However, the major difference as compared to Siri is that Google will provide developers with the opportunity to attach their own products to Goole Assistant. The opening of the service to developers will allow it to grow beyond its initial goals.

Google Assistant is expected to get unveiled at a Q4 2012, but if the product is already in its final phase, then you can even get the surprise at the Google I/O coming in June. Although, the June event is to unveil the Android 5.0, but we may the glimpse of the Google Assistant if not a full release.

via techcrunch, droidlife


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