Siri To Support Chinese, Japanese And Russian Next Month

As you know that Siri, the personal assistant that utilizes your voice and let you do so many things on your iPhone 4S, currently supports limited languages. The languages it supports are US English, UK English and Australia dialects, German and French. However, Apple has already made this promise to provide with new language support to Siri. As per the recent reports, Siri will be available in different new version with the support of some more languages including the Chinese, Japanese and Russian the next month.

The report is coming from a source DoNews which claims that Apple’s engineer is working on the Chinese-language version of Siri to be introduced the next month. Moreover, this version has already in the process of internal testing at present. Along with the Chinese, Siri will also be available in Japanese version and Russian version.

The Chinese tech site DoNews claims to have heard from an Apple engineer who’s working on the Chinese-language version of Siri, the clever voice assistant on the iPhone 4S. From this source, it claims that Siri will launch in Chinese next month, and is already undergoing internal testing this month.

The rumor also contends that the Chinese version will only support the standard Mandarin (aka: putonghua) Chinese, which would leave out Cantonese-speaking people, as well as some Taiwan folk who effectively speak in a different dialect. Plus, it alleges that Japanese and Russian will arrive next month as well.

The source also says that the Siri Chinese version will only support the Standard Mandarin Chinese thus it will not be supporting the Cantonese dialect which is spoken by many people is China.

Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) has promised to add the support of Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Italian, and Spanish to be introduced in the 2012. If the rumor is true, then the promise is going to be partially completed with the Siri support for Japanese, Chinese and the Russian next month. Let’s see, when Apple offers the rest languages support.


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