iPhone 5 Concept Gives It Teardrop-Shaped Design

Back in the previous year, we received various iPhone 5 Concepts giving an idea how the next iPhone can look like. Here, we have a latest one from a well-known source known as ciccaresedesign, which earlier came with iPhone Air concept. The latest iPhone 5 concept gives the next-gen iPhone a completely new look by featuring teardrop shape design or can say a curved shaped body as you can see in the above image.

Up until now, all the iPhones Apple has launched as yet, they follow a single design pattern except some minor changes. Apple has given all of them similar design since their evolution. If this is to keep in mind, then this time, the iPhone 5 concept goes with some completely different way because it shows a completely redesigned body. Moreover, it seems to be unrealistic also as Apple is not expected to go with such drastic changes.

As per the experts, it is not only an exaggerated model in fact it is impractical as well. However, the curved back of the iPhone makes it comfortable to hold the iPhone in hand. However, this is to remember that it is just a concept thus cannot be taken into consideration and does not relate with upcoming iPhone 5.


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