iOS 5.1 Expected To Feature New Note Taking App With Many Options

As you know, that Apple is to launch the iPad 3 and iOS 5.1 somewhere in the first week of March, and both these products are going to introduce some significant updates. We have talked and gone through about iPad 3 rumors many times, now let’s have a look on the iOS 5.1. In our earlier post on iOS 5.1, we told you that it would feature the camera slider and Siri supporting Japanese. The latest reports on iOS 5.1 adds one more feature that is a new note taking app with lots of amazing options.

The recent reports come from iPhone Hellas which reports some iOS 5.1 screenshots revealing its new feature, and that is the inclusion of a new note taking app as a native app. This new note taking app let you prepare your notes easily using the given list of options. This list of options includes bulleted lists, links, underlined text, the ability to change the font color, and much more.

However, there are already so many note taking apps available at the App store providing the users with some best feature making it more convenient and easier to take a note. Moreover, so many of such apps provide the users with the ability to recognize the hand writing, and a better users interface as well.

If the rumor revealing the iOS 5.1 to be launched with native note taking app is true, then you will be not required to download any separate note taking app.

Apple is to launch the iOS 5.1 on March 9th this year and before two days it will announce its next-gen iPad also on the March 7th.


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