Tweet With Siri Using Latest Jailbreak App

Here, we have received a latest news that one of the popular iOS developer known as Tyler Nettleton is currently working on a latest jailbreak app to enhance the utility of the Siri by adding one more command to it. The app has not given a name yet thus at present we can represent it as Tweet with Siri, allowing you to make a tweet using Siri by giving a voice-based command to it.

Once the app came into existence, you will be able to download it on your iPhone 4S. This app is going to be counted in the best jailbreak apps that are recently designed and offered for Siri and ultimately for iPhone 4S. All that you need to do with this app is to launch Siri and say, “Tweet” which is a command. After that, you can speak a message to it that you want to tweet. Once you have spoken your message, Siri will reply to you with a confirmation as “Tweet Sent” to make you informed that you have successfully tweeted, and that’s it.

The app simply provides with an easier way to tweet using your voice and with the lesser use of your fingers on your device. Other than this upcoming app, we have received a plethora of jailbreak apps based on Siri enhancing its utilities and with additional commands. However, this upcoming app is going to provide something that users wish to have as a native feature, but it is also not a bad option to have a cydia app for this.

The app is not launched yet, but soon will be released and will be available to download from the Cydia app store.


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