iPhone 5 2012: Not Coming In The Last Quarter

We have not even entered into the year 2012 and iPhone 5 news and reports have started trickling in. The latest is the expected release date of iPhone 5, which according to the unnamed source will be the last quarter of 2012. However, we are also getting conflicting reports from our own reliable source that the next iPhone is coming within next 6 months.

The iPhone 4S was released late and in haste with faulty iOS 5 firmware showing clear signs of battery issues and other minor bugs, which could have been solved with little more time and inspection. However, Apple is now ready with the suppliers to bring out the ultimate iPhone 5 loaded with next-generation  processor and stunning Retina Display 2.

So, if you have avoided the new iPhone 4S, then 2012 will allow you to buy the iPhone which we all expected, but never got due to Japanese Tsunami.


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