First NFC Enabled Facebook Friend App: Requires NFC Enabled Handset

The much reported Near Field Communication techonolgy is now allowing people to make new friends on the dance floor or in the midst of the rush hour side walk. The Android app called Add Friend has inbuilt NFC feature that will enable a user to add new friends by simply tapping NFC enabled Android handsets.

The Android Facebook addon with NFC feature will make adding new friends quick and stylish with no more usual waiting for the confirmation thing. However, the application requires your phone to have Facebook app installed, and as mentioned above your handset must be NFC-equipped.

Currently, Nexus S, Amaze 4G and Galaxy S II Skyrocket is offering inbuilt NFC chips, but soon GSM SIM cards will incorporate the NFC circuitry and then anyone with Android handset can run the Facebook addon application.

The following is the excerpt from the Market explaining the top feature of the Android app:

Touch 2 mobiles back-to-back to become friends on Facebook.
You make a new friend, at a party, a diner, a bar, a conference …

Add him/her to Facebook via mobile … instantaneously … even offline.

Click here to download the Android Facebook App addon to get NFC magic right on your Nexus, Galaxy S 2 and any other Android phone with the chip.


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