Best iPad Reader App On iPhone: Flipboard Optimized For Small Screen

Considered as one of the best reader app that every iPad users must have on their Apple tablet, Flipboard is now also available for iPhone owners. Previously posted for the big-screen iPad only, the developer was receiving an ever increasing demand for the iPhone version, and finally, the app is listed on the iTunes.

The iPhone version of Flipboard also introduces the new “Cover Stories,” section, which is a selection of voted articles and photos displayed in a layout, which made the app so popular among its users. Developer has limited the Cover Stories section to iPhone owners only, and if you are on iPad then you may receive it with the next update.

The other top feature that you will receive bundled with the iPhone Flipboard app is “Speed” that will enable you to flip through pages like a printed magazine with a flick of your finger or a thumb.

You can use the link given below to download and install this wonderful reader app for absolutely free.

[iTunes link]


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