Install Android Antivirus App: New Trojans And Android Malware Identified

New reports are suggesting that hackers are now concentrating more on Android platform as the number of new Android malware has seen a huge jump within last few months.

Android owners were always on the list of hackers as initially, Google paid little attention to the screening of the apps uploaded to the Android Marketplace. However, despite Google’s effort to curb the menace, the number of Android virus and spywares have spiked with almost 472 percent increase in the number since July of this year.

The report published by a software security firm highlights that most of the Android malware apps are engaged in data mining, which includes personal data like passwords and text messages.

The Android spyware problem is not going away soon as the procedure to check for a geniune Android app and avoiding the malware involve screening the apps description and comments, which most of the users never bother to check before installing it on their handset.

However, you can download a good Android antivirus app to keep track of the things going on your Android phone as an updated antivirus app check on new threats.


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