Android Tutorial: Best Way to Uninstall An App From Your Phone

There are hundreds of thousands of Android app available on the app store out of which only few hundred are worth installation. However, trying new Android apps on your phone is mostly followed by the rush to uninstall it as the features are not what you expected.

So, the question is often asked as what is the best way to uninstall or remove an Android app from the phone? If the Android app was installed via the marketplace, you can easily launch the market and tap over the Menu button to select My Apps. Now, simply click over the app to be removed and then again, click Uninstall.

However, if your Android app is sideloaded or even installed from the Market, then the following method with do the job for both types of applications.

  1. Navigate to your Android phone’s settings, then applications
  2. Click on manage applications.
  3. Click on application you wish to remove.
  4. Click uninstall and then confirm

The final method to get rid of an unwanted Android app easily can be tried on special Andorid apps like a third-party launchers, and even few stock applications. Tap and hold down on an app icon (app drawer or home screen).

  1. Wait for the trash can to appear,
  2. Drag the app over it and hold it there for a second.
  3. If you find an “Uninstall” pop up, let it go, and it’ll uninstall the app.

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