Top Android Game From Gameloft Inspired By Crysis And HALO

If you are currently owning an Android phone powered by second generation Snapdragon, Tegra 2 or Hummingbird then you can enjoy the best Android FPS game from Gameloft called NOVA 2 HD.

NOVA 2 HD has been available for some time through official Gameloft’s website, but the developer has just released the game to the Android Market. The game is a FPS shooter with powerful graphics that only new GPUs coming with high end Android phones can handle.

If you have played the previous version then you will definitely enjoy the all new enemies, Artificial Intelligence and new weapons in the game. However, as Gameloft is notorious for its copying the ideas from other popular games you will find NOVA 2 HD heavily influenced by CRYSIS and HALO.

The game is not cheap and will cost you $7 a copy, which is not much for FPS game lovers. Click the link given at the end of this article to download the game from the Android Market place.

Here is the YouTube video of NOVA 2 HD played on HTC HD2.

[android market link]


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