Top iPhone Game From Gameloft This Month: Street Cop Rampage

Gameloft is famous for bringing top console games to the mobile platform. You may call it copying the original but the developer has termed it inspiration. The latest game is called 9MM, and as usual it has been inspired by a movie.

The developer has not yet revealed the storyline but the tweet from Gameloft’s German unit reveals the theme of this new iPhone game. Gameloft’s earlier game based on the popular Grand Theft Auto series has failed to impress gamers, so we are hoping that the new game will not disappoint us this time.

You can check the trailer of the 9MM game given below, but I still hold the opinion that iPhone is good for Angry Birds like games only. If you are seriously considering spending most of your time playing games on the phone then Xperia Play is the only option, and it runs Android.


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