White iPhone 4 From AT&T And Verizon Or iPhone 5?

When we all are busy discussing the upcoming iPhone 5 Apple has a news for iPhone 4 white, which is just too late to create any excitement. Customers who were desperate to own a white iPhone 4 have already used DIY hacks or a white case to satisfy their urge for the color.

Apple on Thursday announced that the white iPhone will be released in the spring, which matches with the earlier announced released date. The main problem responsible for the white iPhone 4 delay is the manufacturing defects which caused issues like poor camera performance.

However, the first carrier to receive the white iPhone 4 is still a mystery but, Bloomberg has reported that both AT&T and Verizon Wireless would get the white iPhone 4 version.

iPhone 4 proved the worst iPhone ever for Apple as from the day one people started reporting antenna issues, Gizmodo released the images even before the official unveiling and now this white iPhone 4.

[via wsj]


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