Best Android Game From NVIDIA Optimized For Tegra 2 Phones And Tablets

Android apps and games optimized for Tegra 2 powered tablets and handsets are graphically way ahead of other Android apps available in the Android Marketplace. The latest to top the Android game charts and from the camp of NVIDIA’s TegraZone is a game called Riptide GP.

Riptide GP is a graphically advance racing game with awesome backgrounds, which looks stunning on a large screen Android phone powered by Tegra 2 chipset like LG Optimus 2X. The game will allow you to enjoy Jet Ski on a slick man-made track competing against other players. The game is more attractive while playing on the Motorola Xoom, as you can better notice the awesome graphics on a big screen tablet as compared to 4 inch Android phone.

To download the game and start enjoying it on your Android phone you can first install the TegraZone from the link given below.

Click here to download the Tegrazone which will help you find all the top Android apps and games available specially for Tegra 2 devices.


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