Top Android Nintendo 64 Bit Emulator: Enjoy Goldeneye and Super Smash Brothers

There are already many Nintendo game emulators available for Android handsets, but the latest N64 version is the most preferred among gamers. Once you install the emulator on your HTC EVO, Motorola Atrix, HTC Thunderbolt or any other Android smartphone, the emulator app will create a virtual controller on your phone’s screen. You can enjoye all your favorite Nintendo 64 games including Madden, NHL, Mario Golf and Super Smash Brothers.

The best part of N64 emulator for Android is that it offers an important button, Z, on the bottom of the controller. However, the button controls are mapped differently on your Android phone, which placing on the top left corner of the screen.

The new location of controllers give minor problem while playing games like Goldeneye, which you can overcome with practice.

The N64 emulator for Android will cost you $5.99. You can use the link below to download the app directly from the Android Marketplace.

[via Android Marketplace]


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