iPhone Battery Problem After Updating?: How To Guide To Improve Backup

iOS 4.3 is draining iPhone battery and it has been observed by many users who are reporting the problem to various forums. But, now it has been established that by disabling a few not so important iOS features improves iPhone battery drastically.

If you are also worried and feeling that your iPhone battery performance has reduced after updating to the new iOS firmware update, then here is a small guide to try. First the source of problem has been identified as the the new iOS social network service called Ping. So, now you can improve you battery backup by simply disabling Ping social Network on you iPhone.

To disable Ping and other not required services draining battery, navigate into iPhone’s Settings app and go to General > Restrictions. Now, “Enable Restrictions” and enter a passcode. Find Ping in the “Allow” list and turn it off. You can also disable other services like, FaceTime or other location services, which will help your iPhone battery.

[via simplehelp]


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