Windows Phone 7 Gets More Attractive: All Apps Free

Windows Phone 7 will get more attractive and sought after in 2011 and its not because of Microsoft’s advertisements. The WP7 platform will get more popular as now you can download and install cracked apps. A hacker has published the proof-of-concept hack which when implemented will allow a user to download and crack the app.

The hack is quite simple and according to WPCentral:

A “white hat” developer has provided WPCentral with a proof-of-concept program that can successfully pull any application from the Marketplace, remove the security and deploy to an unlocked Windows Phone with literally a push of a button. Alternatively, you could just save the cracked XAP file to your hard drive. Neither the app nor the methodology is public, and it will NOT be released (please don’t ask). It is important to note that this was all done within six hours by one developer.

The video demonstrating the hack in action is posted on the youtube.


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