Top iPhone Music App: NAS Streaming, All-In-One Media Player

New QNAP QMobile app lets iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch users remotely stream music, pictures, and videos from QNAP NAS Servers anywhere with internet access. QMobile app along with the new V3.3 NAS Update provides world’s first integrated “All-in-One” Media Player solution for you.

The QMobile app, when used in conjunction with a QNAP Turbo NAS server and the V3.3 update, allows users to stream music, digital pictures, and videos from their home NAS server and play directly on the iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch from anywhere, using Wi-Fi or 3G networks. This reduces or eliminates the need to have the files synchronized and stored physically on the device while providing a simple and convenient way for mobile consumers to access their home content from anywhere.

My Jukebox feature lets users remotely browse and select playlists created on the NAS to suit their mood by song title, artist, album, even ID3 tags. The QMobile app lets iPhone users upload individual pictures or entire camera rolls to a QNAP Turbo NAS and showcase pictures stored on the NAS on the mobile device. No more wishing you had added additional songs, videos, or pictures before a trip, so long as you have Internet access, you can play it remotely; it’s like having a media center in your pocket.

Additionally, the QMobile app can remotely select and play terabytes of compatible multimedia files stored on a QNAP NAS using the new Multimedia Station 2.0, which is included with the new V3.3 firmware. Multimedia files can be easily selected to be copied to an iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch using the QMobile app and the selected files will be placed in “My Favorites.” This allows users to play and watch the content offline when they are disconnected from Internet access. The QMobile app will also inform users should any changes are made to their favorite files on the QNAP NAS and let them select whether or not to synchronize the changes to their Apple devices.

In addition to the new QMobile app, QNAP’s new V3.3 NAS management software has many new features and enhancements benefiting Mac users, including new support for connecting Mac HFS+ formatted external drives to a QNAP NAS server for networked access and storage expansion, and enhanced support of Apple Time Machine backups, allowing better backup monitoring and management.

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Download QNAP QMobile app for iPhone from itunes.


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