Cydia App To Fix And Activate FaceTime On Jailbreak iPhone 4

If you are using unlocked iPhone 4 on an unofficial carrier then you would love this app on Cydia. MiTime app addresses FaceTime problems faced by users on an unlocked iPhone 4 running on unofficial carrier like T-Mobile.

The MiTime app will allow FaceTime call on any GSM carrier all over the world by activating the service through a couple of SMS messages.

To use MiTime to activate the FaceTime:


  • Purchase MiTime from this link before installing the app.
  • You can use only one phone number, which should match with the one you entered on the site. If you are outside US then the number should start with +.

Before searching for MiTime on Cydia, first update the repository by adding in the source. If you are new to Cydia then here is how you can update the repo of Cydia. Start the Cydia app, then tap on “Manage” located at the bottom of the screen. After tapping on “Manage” in the new window that pops, tap on “Sources”, then in the new window tap on “edit” located at the top right of the screen. Then immidietly tap on “add” in the new box enter the url as show in the image below, then tap on “Add Source”

Step 2: After adding the MiTime repo you can now search for MiTime in Cydia. Tap and install the app. After installing check if you are authorized. If it says “Ready for activation” and has an “Active” button, you are ready to use a credit to activate.

If it does NOT say “Ready for activation”, leave it at the this screen until it resets FaceTime and re-springs (2 minutes). After re-spring, unlock the phone and within one minute it should warn you about costs – IMPORTANT–>click OK.

If it says “Activated” you can stop here. It will back up your FaceTime activation for later recovery.

Step 3: As shown in the image below you can now tap on the “Activate my FT” and follow the instructions. Send one activation request and wait it will not take more than a minute but if it is taking time then before sending your second request wait for 15 minutes. If its takes more than 15 minutes then take the SIM out and re-insert. Wait for a minute and then reboot.

Step 4: If it says that “An activation request has been generated”, stay on this screen. Within a minute you will see that it has changed to Activated.

Step 5: The Activated message on the screen mean you are ready to use FaceTime over any carrier anywhere.

Note: If you turn off FaceTime, just run MiTime again and it will re-enable it the proper way.


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