Adobe Flash On iPhone 4: Install Frash On iPhone 4

The same Frash which ported Adobe Flash to iPad is also enabling iPhone 4 users to access Flash contents on their new iPhone 4. The following tutorial and video demonstrates that Frash is working on the latest iPhone 4 devices.

As Flash is not supported by Apple officially so the first thing you need before installing Frash is Jailbreak your iPhone 4 by following this tutorial.

Once your iPhone 4 is jailbroken follow the steps given below which is same as that for the iPad:

1. Download Frash-0.02.deb on your computer. Search for Frash.deb on Google and your will find plenty of torrent sites offering the file.

2. Transferring the files to your iPhone 4

Install OpenSSH by opening Cydia, tap on “Search” and then search for “OpenSSH”. After installing OpenSSH reboot your iPhone.

  • Mac users: install Netatalk and it will automatically put your iPhone 4 in the Finder’s Sharing list.
  • Windows users: Follow the guide given here on using WinSCP.

The login userid and password in both the cases are “root” and “alpine”.

3. Using the above application you can access the iPhone 4 filesystem. Navigate to /var/root/Media as shown in the image below:
ipad root Comex Frash: How To Install Flash On iPad In Just Two Stages

4. Once you have navigated to iPhone 4 Media folder, create a new folder name it as “Cydia”.

5. Open the newly created Cydia folder and again create a new folder called “AutoInstall”.

6. Move the Frash-0.02.deb file you downloaded in the step 1 to this new folder “AutoInstall”.

7. Restart your iPhone 4 two or three times.

8. Now try accessing a Flash based site on the Safari browser. It works most of the times.

9. Call your friends and boast your achievement.

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