OpenAppMkt App Stores: How Effective HTML Apps Are?

A complete new iPhone App store that will allow you to have any app you like without Apple’s intervening, and you don’t even require a Jailbreak. This is the power of technology that can change the whole business model in a day.

The apps on OpenAppMkt will run through HTML and more powerful apps will soon hit the store utilizing the HTML 5 technology. Currently, the apps on offer are entirely HTML based and to install the app users are simply required to tap on the “add to home” button. You can try the app store here:

Currently, Android phone users cannot access this OpenAppMkt but the people behind the store are soon going to bring in the Android platform also. However, if you are using Firefox you can emulate an iPhone, this link explains the process.

OpenAppMkt iPhone Webapp Demo from Teck on Vimeo.


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