How BlackBerry WebKit Browser Better iPhone iOS4, Android 2.1?

We were already excited with BlackBerry OS 6, but now it seems that the main hero emerges to be WebKit browser, as its quite impressive. In a test put up by Salomondrin, the new browser was put in action on a BlackBerry 9800. After putting it through its Acid 3 test paces, he came up with an impressive score of 208, compared that to iOS4 on an iPhone 4, which scored a sad 185. When compared to Android 2.1 running on an HTC Incredible, 2.1 scored 151.

Recently there were some great new BlackBerry 6 videos that show off a variety of elements of the upcoming BlackBerry 6. Although BlackBerry 6 and the new Webkit browser we out of our reach at present, but for sure, when released, it would create a world-time mark. Overall, BlackBerry 6 looks like its getting better with every update and this new OS couldn’t come sooner. Every BlackBerry user is waiting to get their hands on it and finally know whether or not their device is getting an update.

Also according to other sources, we have heard that they’re on track for a summer release of 6, so we know it’s no more than a month and a half away. And now here I have the video for you which Salomondrin has posted. The video shows a great preview of the upcoming WebKit Browser running on the BlackBerry Slider 9800. The video compares this unreleased browser to other browsers like the iPhone and Android WebKit browser. In the quick review they performed three tests on all three devices, and the BlackBerry browser came out shining. Here is  the video:

The video has been removed by Youtube.

Even you can test your Phone from the given links by conducting the performance test:


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