Apple Is Secretly Selling New iPhone 4 Even Exchanging Old Ones

News about iPhone 4 from the Gizmodo is something which you cannot ignore and this time it’s about a report dealing with Apple’s silent recalling of iPhone 4 marred with serious antenna issues.

A Gizmodo reader has reported that Apple replaced his iPhone 4 with a new iPhone which according to him does not have the same Antenna issues and even hardware is slightly different from the previous one.

Here is the users story:

There were a few other software issues I was experiencing so I consulted Apple at the Fifth Avenue store in New York. They replaced my phone. The diagnostic showed that the OS was corrupt and certain utilities were failing. [They claimed that] all phones with a proximity sensor issue were being sent back to Apple for further study.


Well, when I got the new phone it was different. It was different hardware. The black [plastic] bezel isn’t as black on the new one. I couldn’t see the proximity sensor at all on the previous iPhone 4, now I can. The stainless steel band on the new phone is less ‘steel-y’ and more matte. I’ve also tried to replicate the signal drop and failure. While I can’t say for sure that it is entirely fixed, there is certainly huge improvement.

Gizmodo further adds that when they tried to exchange an iPhone 4, they received an iPhone again with same Antenna issues, disputing the above claims.

[via Gizmodo]


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