Sprint Epic Vs iPhone 4: Samsung Galaxy S Pro Is The iPhone 4 Killer

Apple has managed to sell more than a million handset within first three days, and we are expecting iPhone 4 to maintain its popularity chart despite serious antenna problems. Currently the only other alternative to the mighty iPhone 4 has been Sprint’s HTC EVO, but a new smartphone from Sprint is now threatening the HTC EVO dominance as an iPhone 4 alternative. Sprint Epic which is originally a Samsung Galaxy S Pro is going to change the whole mobile experience. It is a 4G handset with AMOLED 4” display and much more unique features. The Sprint Epic can benefit from  Android 2.2 and the iPhone 4 hardware flaws and  but will it be able to kill the iPhone? Let’s follow the comparison chart to compare both these handsets.

1. Display:

Epic 4G display has to have the first mention. It sports AMOLED 4” screen. Talking about the iPhone 4, the screen of size is 3.5”

2. Processor:

Epic 4G incorporates a 1 GHz Hummingbird processor while the iPhone 4 spots a 1 GHz processor

3. Media Streaming:

Epic 4G supports DLNA, which uses standards-based technology to make it easier for consumers to use, share and enjoy their digital photos, music and videos. iPhone 4 does not happen to support Media Streaming

4. Camera:

Epic 4G comes with a dual camera with a 5MP and Flash (front facing:VGA). iPhone 4 also has the dual camera settings, the primary in the rear is 5MP with Flash and the front facing is a VGA for video chatting.

5. Battery:

Epic 4G comes with a 1500mAH battery and iPhone 4 incorporates a 1200mAH battery

6. Movie Store:

Epic is soon expected to add Movie Store feature to its handset but iPhone 4 already has it.

7. QWERTY Keyboard:

Epic spots a Qwerty Keyboard which has been in talks, as the feature is noted as its making the phone unique. iPhone 4 does not include a QWERTY Keyboard

8. Video Chat:

Epic 4G has the capacity of video chat while iPhone 4 only supports Video Chat on WiFi

9. Operating System:

Sprint Epic will have Android 2.1 but soon will update to Android 2.2 and Apple’s iPhone 4 has its own iOS4

10. Hotspot Capability:

Epic incorporates hotspot capability but this feature is missing in iPhone 4.


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