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Sprint Epic Vs iPhone 4: Samsung Galaxy S Pro Is The iPhone 4 Killer

29 June 2010 9 Comments

sprint epic vs iphone4 Sprint Epic Vs iPhone 4: Samsung Galaxy S Pro Is The iPhone 4 Killer

Apple has managed to sell more than a million handset within first three days, and we are expecting iPhone 4 to maintain its popularity chart despite serious antenna problems. Currently the only other alternative to the mighty iPhone 4 has been Sprint’s HTC EVO, but a new smartphone from Sprint is now threatening the HTC EVO dominance as an iPhone 4 alternative. Sprint Epic which is originally a Samsung Galaxy S Pro is going to change the whole mobile experience. It is a 4G handset with AMOLED 4” display and much more unique features. The Sprint Epic can benefit from  Android 2.2 and the iPhone 4 hardware flaws and  but will it be able to kill the iPhone? Let’s follow the comparison chart to compare both these handsets.

1. Display:

Epic 4G display has to have the first mention. It sports AMOLED 4” screen. Talking about the iPhone 4, the screen of size is 3.5”

2. Processor:

Epic 4G incorporates a 1 GHz Hummingbird processor while the iPhone 4 spots a 1 GHz processor

3. Media Streaming:

Epic 4G supports DLNA, which uses standards-based technology to make it easier for consumers to use, share and enjoy their digital photos, music and videos. iPhone 4 does not happen to support Media Streaming

4. Camera:

Epic 4G comes with a dual camera with a 5MP and Flash (front facing:VGA). iPhone 4 also has the dual camera settings, the primary in the rear is 5MP with Flash and the front facing is a VGA for video chatting.

5. Battery:

Epic 4G comes with a 1500mAH battery and iPhone 4 incorporates a 1200mAH battery

6. Movie Store:

Epic is soon expected to add Movie Store feature to its handset but iPhone 4 already has it.

7. QWERTY Keyboard:

Epic spots a Qwerty Keyboard which has been in talks, as the feature is noted as its making the phone unique. iPhone 4 does not include a QWERTY Keyboard

8. Video Chat:

Epic 4G has the capacity of video chat while iPhone 4 only supports Video Chat on WiFi

9. Operating System:

Sprint Epic will have Android 2.1 but soon will update to Android 2.2 and Apple’s iPhone 4 has its own iOS4

10. Hotspot Capability:

Epic incorporates hotspot capability but this feature is missing in iPhone 4.

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  • hunter said:

    this is totally biased…and not informative at all. they are both very good phones and deserve the features to be listed truthfully….epic fail on ur part.

  • yourmom said:

    Ha. This is laughable. Why do you hate Apple so much? Most of your comparative “facts” are completely untrue. Other than your obvious need to publish slander-ridden false information, let’s not forget the most important thing. Without Apple’s innovation, Samsung would still be making flip-phones, and so would everyone else. Go find a Droid forum and text-stroke all your hater friends.

  • sec said:

    They both have their pros. We know the con’s of the iphone 4, but no cons on the epic…yet….being so new. Most ALL phone on the market have their pros and cons and what it should come down to is the following: what feature are you looking for, how does it feel in your hand, will it do what you want for your personal/business use, and most importantly the SERVICE PROVIDER….. remember…you will be with them for the next 2 years (IT IS A COMMITMENT or it will COST you big $) and one more thing …does it fit your budget!!!!

  • LOUIS said:

    I went to ATT and compared both phones epic blew it away
    speed and picture, Apple steals ideas then markets it like
    they invented it for example the I-pad, their Marketing dept
    really knows how to keep making you drink the kool aid,
    next time you are with a friend who is on Sprint or Verizon
    test it out ATT loses every time, do your research then comment,
    dont just follow the masses.

  • Psyko said:

    I have the epic, it’s a great phone, no doubt that epic has it’s flaws but so does apple, bill gates worked for macintosh and stole the idea for the operating system, every O.S. has it’s perks, pick and choose

  • brian-sprint tech/rep said:

    the epic has a snapdragon processor not the hummingbird however both processors are great. reviewing all of the hate comments above, i see nothing that says “get an epic over iphone” or anything like that but after reviewing many many sites for myself wondering if i should stay with sprint or get an iphone, i have found that on a side by side comparison with both phones, all review give the epic and the evo at least .5-1 stars over the iphone with review to all specs and ease of access of each phone.

  • brian-sprint tech/rep said:

    correction on previous post. The hummingbird processor is now the current processor for Samsung epic. It was changed on early release. I apologize for my mistake.

  • joko said:

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  • Slaytanic said:

    I have an iPhone 4 and have had all of the iPhone models. After using one for so many years, I have watched all of my friends buy these immitation iPhones and have every problem under the sun from network problems to screen freeze problems. I just sit back and laugh as I never experience these issues. One guy I know went thru 9 models of an HTC phone while he bitched about the iPhone the whole time. Yet I’ve never sent my phone back. The bottom line is, if you want an iPhone, just get the original iPhone from the people who created it.

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