iPhone iOS 4 Surprise: Direct Video Uploading To YouTube And Facebook

Well you already seem to have an app which allows you to transfer and upload your videos to Facebook via iPhone or iPod touch. But what if you have an option which is built right in to the OS?  Seems interesting……find out more.

Today, according to a Redmond Pie post, now a native option for this which is built right in to the OS will be provided. And of course if we have something like this, it would be truly appealing for all. According to a piece of code found in iOS 4 GM candidate, it looks like that built-in Photos/Camera Roll app will most probably support uploading of videos directly to Facebook, alongside the existing YouTube, MobileMe, MMS and Email Video options.

There are already a number of apps which allows us to upload our videos to Facebook via an iPhone or iPod touch. But a specialized authentic app is always awaited. So ought we expect this feature to hit our iPhones and iPod touches when the final version of iOS 4 is out on June 21st? Or is this one of those hidden quality which will only pop-up on iPhone 4? Like Steve said in his WWDC 10 keynote address that iOS 4 has 100s of new features, so is this one of them, really getting eager for the official announcements. Well I guess we will have till June 21 to find an answer to this one. What are your thoughts on it?


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