Avoid iPhone 4 For Now: First Lot Is Crap, No Unlock Exploit

If you are planning to buy a new iPhone 4 then you should delay your plan for few more months as the latest report from Gizmodo  suggest that even volume buttons are not in order. This flaw is the latest addition to the already famous antenna issues and the yellow band.

Another factor that tells us to avoid the iPhone 4 is the possibility of using it on a carrier of your choice, which needs jailbreak and unlock. According to the following post on ModMyi forum, the iPhone 4 cannot be unlocked with the latest ultraSn0w 0.93 and for the next exploit it may take months.

The DevTeam and others have been checking through the iPhone 4, and have noticed the baseband runs a completely different OS than on previous models. The iPhone 3G and 3G[S] both ran Nucleus OS on the PMB8878 baseband CPU (aka XGold 608), where the iPhone 2G ran the PMB8876 (aka S-Gold 2). iPhone 4 uses the PMB9800, or X-Gold 618 – running a separate OS – ThreadX, an RTOS by ExpressLogic.

The unlocked iPhone 4 price list:

Unlocked iPhone 4 price in UK:

  • 16GB iPhone 4: £499 = $751
  • 32GB iPhone 4: £599 = $902

Unlocked iPhone 4 price in France:

  • 16GB iPhone 4: 629 € = $778
  • 32GB iPhone 4: 739 € = $914

Unlocked iPhone 4 pricing in Canada:

  • 16GB iPhone 4: $626
  • 32GB iPhone 4: $723


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