iPad Gaming: Gaikai Brings WarCraft To The Addicts

A good news for WarCraft fanatics from the Gaikai game streaming service, now you can play your favorite game on the Apple iPad. The game is not native and therefore, the game has to be streamed via Wifi server from Gaikai.

Gaikai game streaming service currently allow players to play games on their desktop through an Adobe Flash based client. The iPad version of the Gaikai client will surely be not based on the Flash but the company will provide the native client app through the iTunes Apps store.

The Gaikai client once installed will allow any game on iPad bypassing the Apple iTunes App store, something which Apple will not allow. The Gaikai may reach on some kind of arrangement and hopefully will convince Apple to allow it on the iPad.

For those who just hate Apple restrictions and limitations, there is the Jailbreak tool Spirit released today by Comex.


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