HTC HD2 Android Update: Turn Best Windows Mobile Phone Into An Android Phone

Yes you can! The hard working folks at XDA have now announced that you can get the Linux bootloader up and running on the HTC HD2 which is basically a Windows Mobile based.

The Linux bootloader marks an important milestone in the way to port Android OS to the HTC HD2. After successfully running Android on the iPhone 2g And 3G, it will not take much time before normal HTC HD2 owners can Dual boot the Windows Mobile phone with Android OS.

The following video demonstrates the HTC HD2 running a 720p video on top of the Linux bootloader.

HTC has been previously known for manufacturing cell phones based on Windows Mobile OS only but now the company has almost switched to the Android OS. The HTC Incredible and upcoming HTC EVO 4G are two very popular Android phones launched by the Taiwanese company within the last six-month period.


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