How To Download And Install Android Apps Using QR Codes

Google is not as friendly as Apple when it comes to apps store. Most of the users find it difficult to use the QR code that makes app downloading and installing easy and hassle free task.

The following step by step tutorial will guide you to use QR code that most of the website offer to download and install the apps directly to your android phone.

Step 1. A QR code is an advanced version of bar code found on products in grocery stores or any other products. QR code is a two-dimensional bar code that can store information like URLs. To read this QR code, first install the app called the Barcode Scanner. You can find Barcode Scanner app in the Android Market easily by searching this keyword “Barcode”. There in the search result you will find the app called “Barcode Scanner”. Download and install the Barcode Scanner app.

Step 2. Start the Barcode app on your Android phone, and you will find a red line across the screen. Now zoom into¬† the QR code until the code gets in focus. Place the QR code inside the viewfinder rectangle to scan it. The Barcode Reader app will notify as soon as it has read the information on the code. The URL that is read by the app will be shown to you in a box along with the button to “Open the browser”. Click on the Open browser button to go to the page on the Android Market that has the app.


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