Android Phone Tutorial: What Is Notification Panel

If you have got your Android phone recently then you must have been searching for its functionality and terminology. We have started a new tutorial that will explain the basics of your Android phone allowing you to fully understand the power and functionality that the Google operating system offers.

Notification Panel in Android phone
The beauty of your Android phone or any other smartphone is the ability to show various alerts and notices in a manageable form of icons and buttons. On the top left part of the Android screen there is one Notifications panel which is like a banner that holds all your notifications and alerts.

You can use this notification panel to get updated with things happening on your Android phone. The email you recieve or the SMS messages all are there in the notifications panel. You can even configure your other apps to show messages or alerts in the notification panel.

The notification panel can be pulled down by tapping on it to see detailed information about the notification and then take action accordingly.


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