Nokia N900 Apps: Highly Configurable System Monitor

Download and install Conky v1.6.1-0maemo5, for Maemo 5 based Nokia  N900.

Conky originally based on the torsmo code is a system monitor for X. Conky has changed a fair bit from its predecessor since its original conception. Conky can display just about anything, either on your root desktop or in its own window.

Conky has the ability to execute programs and scripts, then display the output from stdout.

The initial port for maemo5 is intended to be run as a standalone app and not yet as a desktop widget. For suitability for the N900 platform the default config has been reworked. The launcher checks for the file /home/user/MyDocs/conky.conf and will run with that if it is present.

The Author of TouchSearch is Darren Long

Click here to install


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