iPhone 4.0 Jailbreak And The Significance Of Number 7

Geohot and Dev Team are tweeting about their inability to come up with Jailbreaking tools for iPhone 3GS within next 30 days. The reason behind all this wait and watch policy is the upcoming iPhone 4G loaded with new iPhone 4.0 OS and new baseband.

Today Apple has announced the D day and all hopes are set to around 7th July, the day new iPhone 4G will be announced at WWDC in San Francisco.

Gizmodo has already spoiled the surprise factor of the new iPhone 4G and people are now more interested in Apple’s “The Center of the App Universe” statement. The most likely implications are that Apple will use the conference to announce new iPhone OS based devices like iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad.

The iPhone 4G reviewed by Gizmodo was incomplete as it was a dead device and many features still remain a mystery including the Screen resolution and Battery life.

There is another class of Geeks, who are waiting for WWDC just to release their Jailbreaks. That group of geeks includes Geohot and Dev Team, who are sitting on their exploits to release at the right moment.

[via pcmag]


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