iPad Vs Kindle Latest Score: iPad Is Bad For Your Health

I don’t want to exaggerate things here but a recent opinion of a Neuro expert published by Los Angeles Times clearly has a message that goes against iPad. According to doctors  the bright iPad screen could be obstructing with our body’s ability to create melatonin, which leads to condition called insomnia.

The advice from the UCLA Neurology Clinic Director Alon Avidan in a letter to LA Times goes like this:

“The take-home lesson is that insomnia and electronics gadgets emitting light should not [be] mixed before bedtime,” However, “Kindle is better for your sleep.”

The problem With the iPad is its LCD display, which confuses your body, hinders melatonin, causing sleeplessness. However, Amazon Kindle has no back light and the impact on your Circadian Rhythm is non-existent.
[Gizmodo via LA Times]


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