iPad Tricks: How To Turn It Into A Laptop

The day Apple announced its tablet computer people are asking if it can replace their netbook or notebook, now with a new accessory for iPad named LapDock this question has an answer.

An accessory development company has designed an addon for your iPad which will give the comfort of a laptop whenever you intend to use your iPad for typing.

LapDock is basically a hard casing for your iPad which has the shell of a laptop. This hard casing also has a slot that can take-in your bluetooth keyboard giving your iPad the look and feel of a laptop.

If going to buy a hard casing for your iPad then LapDock will be a good idea as it will provide an additional feature of turning your iPad into a more typing friendly laptop.

The LapDock isn’t available for purchase right now but when it will hit the stores it may come with some extra features like USB ports and even a bluetooth camera.


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