How To Set Android Wifi: Solve Weak Signal And Dropped Connections

First to set up WiFi connection on your android phone:

  1. Go to main Settings Menu
  2. Inside Settings Menu tap on WiFi Settings
  3. Wifi Settings you will find option switch to turn on and off your WiFi connection.
  4. Turn it on, and your android phone will start searching for available WiFi router or networks nearby.
  5. If it finds a network  likely it will ask for a passcode, enter the code to gain access to the network. If you dont know the Wifi passcode then ask it from the network administrator or you can find it at the bottom of your router if not changed from default.

If your Droid or any other android phone is not able to connect itself to the WiFi network then the following steps may do the trick:

1. Try Different Security Encryption:
If you have WPA or WEP currently installed on your home network, try changing to a different encryption setting and see if that makes any difference in your connectivity.

2. Try changing router position:
Try changing your current router position as sometimes changing the location of the router placed near electrical or electronic equipment with high interference spoil WiFi setup.

3. Rename the networks:
Rename your networks. Renaming your networks will help identify each band on a dual band router.


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