Android App And Game Installation Guide: How To Install .apk

You will come across many android games and apps which are not from Android market but are worth installing or in other words, must  have apps. Many Droid or Motorola Milestone users have encountered this app installation problem as Google has not yet released any tutorial for that.

Read this tutorial and enjoy the top android apps and the best android games which you got from place other than Android Market.

1. Go to the Android Market on the phone and search for ApkInstaller, download and install it on your Android phone.

2. Connect your Motorola  to your computer. Now on your Droid swipe down the notification bar at the top screen and Mount the device. The device should show up as a drive on your computer.

3. Copy the downloaded app from your computer to anywhere on the SD Card drive.

4. Unmount the SD card by reversing step 2 ie  down the notification bar at the top screen and unmount the device by utilizing “Turn off USB storage.” APKInstaller will not work on a mounted SD card.

5. Open the ApkInstaller app.

6. It will show the files on your SD Card. Tap the APK file to run the installer.

7. Tap Install.


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