Samsung Galaxy S: What Is DLNA And How To Use

Samsung is launching a smartphone every month or two with features most of us hardly uses. In Samsung Galaxy S the main feature which company is advertising is its Super AMOLED screen which according to the manufacturer is 20 percent brighter than any other screens currently available for phones.

Samsung Galaxy S comes with almost all the standard smartphone features including a 5 Megapixel camera, 1 GHz Processor W 3g, virtual keyboard, 16Gb memory and much more.

There is this DLNA feature on Galaxy S, which is again something people hardly know about. To use DLNA you will have to have other DLNA devices in your house as it stands for Digital Living Network Alliance. The DLNA feature enables users to access other DLNA devices like HDTV, notebook and cameras to share pictures and data.

How To Use DLNA?

To use DLNA feature on your Samsung Galaxy S you need a DLNA compliant PC or laptop. With your Galaxy S, you can access movies and songs stored on your PC and watch videos remotely without storing it on your phone.

To use your computer as DLNA server where you keep all your media files you need software like Nero MediaHome. Sony PS3 is another device with DLNA compliant hardware which you can use to access Blu-Ray movies on your Samsung Galaxy S.

To know more about DLNA and things you can do with it: click


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