iPhone Vs HTC EVO: 4G Can Succeed Where Droid And Nexus Failed

AT&T has announced that from April its users can access 3G MicroCell throughout US, but it sounds more like an attempt to counter the growing popularity of Sprint’s 4G network. In comparison to Sprint 4G the AT&T femtocells will give iPhone users only half of what sprint users will get on their HTC EVO.

HTC EVO with 4G can succeed in the battle against iPhone which Google Nexus and Motorola Droid have lost. HTC EVO with Android 2.1 has already made the app factor of the iPhone minimized as the number of apps available on Android Market is rising and catching fast with iTunes.
The combination of 21Mbps broadband speed and the features and Apps of Android operating system gives HTC Evo a clear advantage over iPhone.

Another feature that makes HTC EVO a better choice is the presence of two cameras with one dedicated for video calls. As the phone can access WiMax speed the video calling capability will help reap the full advantage of high speed internet on a phone.

iPhone now sounds like an old horse tired of fighting new phones and technologies. If Apple fails to add new technology like 4G or LTE then its upcoming iPhone 4G will not be able to stand the competition against new phones. HTC EVO with 4G and android is surely a fresh and better option than iphone.


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