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iPhone Vs HTC EVO: 4G Can Succeed Where Droid And Nexus Failed

25 March 2010 32 Comments

htc evo vs iphone 300x218 iPhone Vs HTC EVO: 4G Can Succeed Where Droid And Nexus Failed

AT&T has announced that from April its users can access 3G MicroCell throughout US, but it sounds more like an attempt to counter the growing popularity of Sprint’s 4G network. In comparison to Sprint 4G the AT&T femtocells will give iPhone users only half of what sprint users will get on their HTC EVO.

HTC EVO with 4G can succeed in the battle against iPhone which Google Nexus and Motorola Droid have lost. HTC EVO with Android 2.1 has already made the app factor of the iPhone minimized as the number of apps available on Android Market is rising and catching fast with iTunes.
The combination of 21Mbps broadband speed and the features and Apps of Android operating system gives HTC Evo a clear advantage over iPhone.

Another feature that makes HTC EVO a better choice is the presence of two cameras with one dedicated for video calls. As the phone can access WiMax speed the video calling capability will help reap the full advantage of high speed internet on a phone.

iPhone now sounds like an old horse tired of fighting new phones and technologies. If Apple fails to add new technology like 4G or LTE then its upcoming iPhone 4G will not be able to stand the competition against new phones. HTC EVO with 4G and android is surely a fresh and better option than iphone.

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  • syed said:

    ipone is going to be there for quite some time.

  • pst said:

    Your credibility is called into question a bit when there is a Sprint ad banner across the top of your comments.

  • Card said:

    What is an ipone?

  • admin (author) said:

    ipone is also an iPhone with a missing ‘h’.

  • Fastwalking said:

    There are currently approximately 20,000 android apps vs. over 185,000 iphone apps – in my mind that’s still a significant difference.

    Having said that, Apple has become very arrogant and the improvements to its hardware are generally minor in nature. This won’t work in the future as there are now a multitude of quality phones out that offer a significantly hardware experience for the same money. For example, top end devices now routinely offer 8 megapixel cameras with accompanying flash. Apple is likely to offer nothing more than 5 megapixels and a flash is unlikely. Most devices offer a 1 GHz processor and while Apple could offer a similar chip, even if they do they will likely underclock it to reduce battery drain.

    At the end of the day, Apple’s arrogance (no flash and very strict controls) combined with their refusal to accept that other devices have left them in the dust may prove to be their down fall.

  • jhugo212 said:

    wow looks like the iphone just lost all of its glory and it will be very hard to get it back when you got other phones that have way better features than the iphone. i really don’t like the iphone that much its to strict and the os is to boring. looks like i am going to get the htc evo when it comes out this summer.

  • Francois1000 said:

    So happy iphone is out and htc has them my the b–ls.!!!! my reason for feel n this way is because iphone went with at&t. when they should have went with sprint,t-mobile,verizon and all us campany,s..like they say so much for a bad apple.!!!!!!

  • bencamerondavis said:

    Actually… HTC/Sprint has been providing the world with a phone that has seriously been overlooked… LOL! Umm.. the HTC Hero is by far the best phone today… but I will be upgrading to the EVO as well…

    The Hero has wifi tethering, flash capability, I can stream Iron Man 2 on my phone today, and it does not even come out until Friday…. The HTC Hero does more than the Iphone does. Oh, and everyone when you get a chance, please take a look at an app called Jet-flicks… it’s only offered for Android. It’s by far the best App ever…. Also, Music Junk isn’t bad either…

    The only reason I am upgrading to the Evo is because of the 4G rumors, the HDMI and TV Output, Android 2.1, the upgraded camera, and the larger screen…. Question… Does anyone know what it is that the Ipad can do that this phone can’t?? Because I can tell you several things that this phone can do that the Ipad can’t do…

    While everyone is comparing the Iphone 4G which we know nothing about to the HTC Evo 4G, we should be comparing HTC Evo to Media Tablets….

  • Don said:

    No question that the HTC Evo and other 4G devices will supplant the iphone. The IPhone technology is all 2 years old. As far as the number of apps…now the Android market is approaching 40,000 apps and increasing at a very rapid rate…faster than iphone. And most of the Android apps are free, opposed to the costly iphone apps (unless you want to pirate them).

    Android is where it’s at…Evo is leading the pack. Iphone users, be afraid. Be very, very…okay, don’t be afraid. But jump on the Android platform.

  • RoTimi Waddy said:

    Points well made!!! I can’t wait for this Evo to hit Sprint stores! In fact, I’m heading down to Radio Shack this weekend to look into pre ordering one at this point! Its exciting. No matter what the new Iphone will be able to do, the reality is that like everyone else has stated, the Android market is truly where its at people!!! Apple is way to restricted, and I am an Apple fan boy by nature. I’m typing this from a Macbook! lol. I just believe that the Iphone will look pretty, perform well with some neat features, however I’d rather be on the bus with open-source if you know what I mean, and flash!!!!

  • Edward said:

    I am a gaget freak and have to have the best. I have had my three iPhones since its introduction but I just don’t know what Apple is going to do with their next iteration. They can call it the iPhone 4G but it will all be in vain. Being tied to ATT until 2012 means that Apple won’t have a 4G phone for at least another two years. By that time Google and all the handset makers will have more than emulated the iPhone and Android will have swept passed the iPhone in popularity by leaps and bounds. If the Evo is anything like its specs I will happily give up my iPhone for the Evo. I hate ATT for how much they gouge the consumer while rendering very poor service. They drop more calls than any of the major telecoms. Sprint this is your chance to show us all that you are no ATT and you have truly managed to improve your service as your management has indicated.

  • Dalton said:

    cant wait for this to come out im gonna have to save up a bit but i should be able to get this at the most a week after it comes out :P :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D im excited

  • Belial said:

    The Iphone is just a trend that y i don’t buy or pay tribute to that company and AT&t suck to many drop calls.

  • Jake said:

    Apples annual update cycle won’t be able to hold off the competition much longer. With HTC coming out with more impressive phones every couple of weeks Apple will soon be far behind it’s Android competiters.

  • Native American said:

    Listen. Let’s face it, Apple gave the cellphone world a breath of fresh air; the iPhone was, is, and shall be a good phone.


    Every dog has its day.

    RIM has yet to step up to the plate, and I’m a die hard RIM fan so its hard for me to think that the new upcomming bberries will not match or excell to the HTCs. Apple and its arrogance will go down in history as an innovator, and the one who had to step aside to HTC.

    Its the time of HTC! I just hope you can talk and surf on it, and I hope blackberry will have a new fighting model to win my loyalty back, because in 30 days wen my contract is up, I will BOUNCE from at&t/blackberry over to Sprint and the EVO!!!!!!!!

  • Ryan Graves said:

    I want to start off by saying a) that I am not at all an Apple Fanboi; I’m a PC-guy till the day I die…and b) that I DEEPLY wanted this phone. DEEPLY. With all that is within me. It’s so sexy, so awesome, so capable! I was willing to trade in my iPhone 3GS, the only Apple device I’ve ever owned – and the single greatest piece of technology that I’ve ever owned for that matter – for the HTC Evo. I am also still in contract with AT&T and so I would have terminated early and paid the fine just to switch to Sprint so I could have this phone. I absolutely love my iPhone – it’s familiar to me, easy to operate, and fun. But I hate AT&T. I want to see Flash display in the Safari browser. I want to be able to customize my iPhone background. Push notification constantly fails. Dropped calls. I despise the bottleneck of Apple & iTunes. I hate the lack of compatibility it has sometimes with my PC.

    But after reading all of the reviews, I am sorry to say that I will not be getting this beautifully gorgeous phone. And here’s why: Horrible battery life. MicroSD card failures. Can’t talk and surf at the same time on Sprint (only on 4G, not on 3G). Gotta pay an extra $10 for something that I might not even use because it will kill the battery and might be spotty connectivity at best. Can’t install apps to the MicroSD card. A camera lens that the phone actually sits on, resulting potentially in a scratched-up lens.

    I’m super bummed. I mean, it’s only a phone, right? But still: Why didn’t both HTC and Apple really think of these things? Why not put absolutely everything in the phone that people will need, and MAKE IT RIGHT, so there are no regrets on any side? Sprint: Why make a 4G network and then charge a surplus on it? What’s with not providing protection for the camera lens so that I can actually ditch an extra device and use the camera on this phone? Apple: lose the ego and incorporate Flash. Fix your network so calls don’t drop.

    As a followup, I certainly will not be upgrading my iPhone 3GS now that I see that the iPhone 4G screen is smaller…what a stupid move by Apple. When will people get it right???

  • Jimmy Twotimes said:

    The EVO is sick!!! What a badass! HD phone…?? HDMI, connect to your tv… watch HD movies…?? Forget the apps… IPHONE 40K 100K… whatever… and what would you do with that many apps?? Let me say again… HDTV on your phone… ok?? unbelievable. Iwho?

  • david said:

    Nexus one didn’t failed psshhhh…………. its far better than iphone.

  • area52 said:

    I’ve had an iphone 3gs for 2 weeks now and It’s a good phone, but I’m really liking the evo more than the new iphone. The 3.5″ screen on the iphone is just too small for prolonged browsing. I had a chance to mess around with the evo at radioshack yesterday and the 4.3″ display was a huge improvement over the iphones. I’ll gladly trade slightly better resolution for a bigger disply.
    The other killer feature is a removeable battery. Only Apple could get away with not offering a removeable battery on a phone with such crappy battery life. I also like the fact it has HDMI out and the built in kickstand can come in handy. as for itunes and the app store I could care less. the number of apps is meaningless since there’s an android or iphone equivelent for just about everything. The biggest gripe I have with the iphone is AT&T, They absolutely suck. Sprint is cheaper and has better service in my aea(4G).
    I’m going to wait and see what the new iphone has to offer, but unless I’m blown away I’m gonna return the 3gs and go with the evo and that awsome 4.3″ screen.

  • Mike said:

    Great Review,
    Honestly you hit it right on the nail. I had the iPhone for 3 years and now I have the EVO. Much better phone. And you’re right the Android Market is growing everyday and by the end of this year it should catch up to iTunes.

    I love my Evo and to spend more of a different phone just because it’s from Apple is ignorant.


  • Matt R said:

    20,000 v 200,000 apps may seem like a big differnce but in reality how many of those extra 180,000 apps are any good?

  • love said:

    i will love to make love with the evo

  • trh said:

    Apple lost the war with the PC, 20+ years ago and the same thing will happen this time around. They had their chance and now it’s time for the others to dominate and they will. Most people don’t realize it, but HTC made the iPaq (which turned 10 this year)…kinda funny that apple named their products with similar names as a product from Compaq…And you think they are the innovators? Wrong again…

    Apple will lose not because the lack of apps, which is what they ‘think’ cost them the battle 20 years ago…it’s their desire to control their customers…that lost the battle 20 years ago and it will lose it this time.

    Had they let all carriers have the iphone from day one, we may not be seeing all the others come to the market. Unfortunately for apple, they chose at&t and to control the consumer and that’s just something they cannot do. Can you imagine the uproar if Microsoft had made you purchase all of your software through them?

  • Waylo said:

    I’m in a rural area and can’t get anything on my iPhone 3GS except phone calls (occasionally). It has been this way for 3 years and AT&T has done nothing to improve their service. I’ve had an iPhone from day 1 and love the device. However, with the new HTC, I think that the competition has finally caught up.

    The iPhone 4 offers nothing new hardware-wise that this can’t already do. Sure, it has the “retina” display, but I’ve never once in three years complained that if I hold my iPhone up to my eye, that I can see a pixel. Who cares?

    4G does nothing for me as I am too far away for it to matter. 3G would be great to have as currently the BEST that is available to me is edge network access. And where I work, I don’t even get that. So, I’m paying AT&T $100 a month for an ipod touch.

    Apple is letting their fruit rot on the AT&T tree

  • Yaboydatruth said:

    In my opinion the nexus one and the motorola droid didnt lose the battle with iphone. In review it is a dead tie. (iphone sold more though). I think android right now is cleary better than the iphone. More customizbale too. The iphone next to an android phone iz boring..and the HTC EVO just dug the iphones hole deeper.

  • Amazing said:

    WOW- Its official we can now say that the 4G EVO has caused all of iphone users not to be very happy. Becuase the iphone is taking a beat down and is making all of the apple junkies so jealous. HOORAY FOR THE EVO . . . .THANKS SPRINT AND HTC YOU ROCK!!!!

  • Greg said:

    It all comes down to whether you are an Apple/AT&T loyalist or not. Granted, iPhone will “integrate better” with all that Apple offers (i.e. iTunes, any Mac device, etc.). I haven’t decided yet. I have Apple Mac products but ultimately, I’m going to wait until these phones are basically “the same” and then let AT&T and Sprint fight for my business.

  • TBtu said:

    I just picked up the EVO today and I can’t put this thing down. Granted, I never had an IPhone (never wanted to settle for crap AT&T service) but I’ve played around with IPhones. The EVO makes the IPhone look like an 8 track player. I especially like Apple’s deceptive and devious play on words calling this new IPhone offering “4G”.

    It’s not a 4G phone and the “G” stands for 4th Generation. When you limit your product to a piece of crap service like AT&T, you won’t get a chance to make and test a true 4G product.

  • 70's Baby said:

    Hello Android and iphone fans. Me personally like the evo much better than apple iphone but you pick either or and youre not going wrong. I did not know that apple was running on a 2g system. That makes the evo even better in my sight, not boasting about multitasking and sleeker looks just to name a few. But like i said, both phones are great. Depending on your definition of great. Sprint Rules people and all apple can do is try and catch up. God i love competition.

  • Which smart Phone is better - IPhone, Droid, HTC, etc? said:

    I think the IPhone is the best. It just seems to be a whole lot smoother that the other immitaters. Also, we have the IPhone 4 that here with Video Call. We bout to be like the Jetsons!!!!!

  • Konner said:

    Evo all the way. It’s not even a competition. Everyone knows AT&T sucks, no matter what their commercials say. Also, I would rather have less apps, when most are free, than more expensive apps. The camera is amazing plus flash. iPhone got it all started but it’s time for them to either get it right, or give up

  • Bill said:

    Can anyone tell me what a super amoled screen even is?

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