Best Android Virtual Keyboard: ThickButton Learns New Words As You Type

A small Ukranian company has launched a new android keyboard technology that resize keyboard buttons which a user is more likely to press.

The most often complain from android users is that the native keyboard buttons are too narrow for comfort, and they find it difficult to type fast and error free. The ThickButtons keyboard has immediately got appreciation from the android community after the company has released its demo app.

ThickButtons intelligent algorithm basically predicts and enlarges the letter buttons that are most likely to be used and at the same time shrinking the letters that are not. ThickButtons is less dependent on dictionary input than other predictive technologies that guess the full word. As a result, it learns new words like slang and SMS abbreviations quickly.

To download directly onto your android phone click here and then search for thickbuttons. Currently the app is available for free but soon will cost you money to download.

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